Fuckingmachines.com – AMATEUR GIRL FRIDAYS Tasha Turner Tasha Turner & Krystal Main 2010 Straight

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Tasha, Tasha, Tasha.

She is blonde, sexy and prepared. She starts off strong, cumming in about 15 seconds using the magical wand and again with a tiny hand held system. However, Tasha makes a rookie selection and bites off more than her pussy can take when she asks for her favourite position and really deep, hard pounding. Within minutes into the scene using the Bunny Fucker on high, Tasha calls it. You can not win them all. However she does get points for trying and for cranking the machine up all of the way. Her ultimate victory is with the Sybian AND that the Hytachi together bombarding her clit as she bounces up and down to the device like it is a pogo stick and seems right into the camera lens while she discovers 4 orgasms deep inside her. She almost growls because she looks you in the eye.

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